How to Get More Traffic to Your Business Website

Since you’re reading this article I would imagine that you realize how huge the Internet is and how important an online presence is for any Business. You can almost guarantee that your competitors are online and if they know what they’re doing or they hire a company who knows what they’re doing you’re missing out. Fortunately, you can do the same and get your piece of the online pie!

The three biggest things you need to take advantage of are:

Social Media – This can be broken down to Facebook and Twitter until something else big comes along. If you aren’t on those two sites go there now and sign up! Fill out your profiles completely, use your Business logo and keep them updated! Tell your current customers about them and have them follow you on both sites. Keep them updated with specials, discounts and anything and everything going on with your Business.

Google Places (Maps) – This one is BIG. Google has changed the way they provide search results and made it more focused on local search. That’s a good thing for local business but only if you take advantage of it! Go to Google places (just Google it) and claim your business listing! Fill out your profile until it is 100% complete. Add as many images as possible. Tell your current customers about it and have them write honest reviews.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Technically you could put Google Places into the “SEO” category, but in the Internet Marketing industry it’s thought of as something different. SEO is getting your Website to the top of the organic listings. To do this you need to be sure the keywords that you want to rank for appear in the title tag within the code of your site. You also want to try to get as many links on other sites pointing to yours as possible.

Concentrate on those three things, be consistent with them and you’ll see your Business’ online exposure increase, which will increase your bottom line!


How Adding Click to Call to Your Website Can Result in More Leads

When you think of your own shopping and customer support experiences on other companies’ websites, it’s easy to imagine the problems that your potential customers could encounter on your website. Thankfully, a “click to call” feature on your site page can provide a simple, affordable solution to these possible snags in communication.

The standard for contact through websites is to have a “Contact Us” form, where you fill in your name, email address, phone number, and questions or comments. This is a workable solution; however, it can be off-putting to a potential customer. If she is not yet familiar with your company, she may wonder if it’s safe to provide her personal contact information to you online. While you may never even consider selling someone’s personal information, a prospect may not yet know that you’re trustworthy.

If she’s pressed for time, she may skip over to your competitor’s website because she’s unsure of when, or if, she can expect a response to her inquiry. In addition to these uncertainties, she may need to speak to a live person for answers or help with her order.

A toll-free number is the next best thing, as it does give current and potential customers easier access to live support and assistance. But, if your website doesn’t have a toll-free number, or if your customers are apprehensive about being placed on hold, a “click to call” live support button can help encourage your prospects toward making a purchase from you. Not only is personal contact as easy as a click of a button for the site visitor, she knows that she can expect a direct call from you-for free!

Here’s how it works for you.

You enter code in your site that then displays a welcoming, professional “click to call” button to your site visitors. When a potential customer clicks the button, she’s prompted to enter her phone number. While you’re at your desk managing invoices and shipments, your phone rings to notify you that you have an incoming “click to call” contact. The call is then connected to your web site visitor.


Get More Vitamins to Boost Hair Growth

Boosting hair growth with vitamins may at first seem to be one of those things that just is to easy to be true. In reality though it is very easy to make your hair start growing back just by getting specific vitamins into your system.

I mention “specific” vitamins to show that there are certain ones that aid in the hair growth process that others simply do not do.

For example you can take vitamin A as a means of encouraging your scalp to produce the natural oil called sebum. Yes having a certain amount of oils present in your scalp can be a good thing for you if you’re looking to increase the amount of hairs on your head.

Healthy sebum amounts are necessary to evenly spread nutrients and encourage good blood flow to your follicles. Just be sure that you do not overdose on vitamin A, as this will have reverse effects. Your hair just might fall out if you’re not careful with your vitamin A intake.

The various B vitamins are perfect for anyone who is looking to thicken their hair where it is thinning. You can get more hair to grow naturally by getting vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 into your diet by eating foods such as apricots, egg yolk, potatoes and cabbage.

Even the vitamin called biotin is great for anyone who is interested in healthy skin, nail and hair development. If you should start taking this vitamin for the growth of your hair, be sure to get at least 3000 mcg of it per day for the best results.


Article Writing for Profit – How to Sell More Through Your Articles

Are you having a hard time securing decent sales in the online arena? Then, consider writing several articles that will help you attract more people to visit your website and later on, convince them to buy the products that you sell. Here are some article writing tips that you can surely make use of:

First, you need to figure out how you can get your prospects to pay attention to your articles. You need these people to choose your copies over the other articles that are showing up on the same search page results. What I recommend is that you write about their problems, their goals in life or careers, and the things that they’re dying to know about. Then, make use of attention-grabbing headlines.

Next step is to give your readers what they want. Get your audience to read your articles until the end by simply giving them what they want. Based on experience, people who are using the internet and who are reading articles online are mostly looking for solutions to their problems, how-to guides, tips and techniques, answer to burning questions, and in-depth information about the things that they find extremely interesting.

Talk about your products and services. This is only allowed if you’ll be publishing your articles on your own blog or website. Remember, article directories will not allow blatant advertising or self-promotion on the article body. Anyway, talk about what you offer without doing hard-selling. What you can do instead is offer your readers with product review type of articles. Discuss the features, limitations, and strengths of your products or services. Then, offer consumer reviews or feedback. Don’t forget to present your offerings as the best solutions to the problems of your readers or the best tools to reach their goals. It is through this that they’ll be convinced that your products are worth every penny.

Give your prospects a lot of reasons to trust you. Why would these people buy from you? Why would they listen to your recommendations? Earn the trust and respect of these people by simply showing off your in-depth knowledge in your niche. Then, talk about your credentials and your relevant achievements. It will also help if you insert the testimonials of your most satisfied customers and recommendations of your colleagues.

End your articles with a compelling call to action. Get your readers to act on your favor by convincing them to buy the products or services that you sell. Ensure that your call to action is very persuasive, well-written, and very targeted. It will help if you target the emotional hot buttons of your prospects. As you might already know, buyers these days make purchases based on impulse and not on logic. So, push their hot buttons and present your products as something that these people cannot possibly do without.


6 Facts About Everyone Thinks Are True

Guidelines for Choosing Certified Public Accountants

The success of any project depends on the kind of work that is invested into it. Finding the best fit for the project means you have to spend time to secure upfront experts to hire. A quality certified public accountant that perfectly fits the project needs is not so simple to find. The process of looking for one is long and time-consuming. To avoid a lot of headaches in the process you should know the guidelines to take into account so that informed decisions can be made. Most people only consider the quoted price of the entire project when selecting professional certified public accountants. While the price tag on the task is and should be an imperative rudiment when choosing the service providers, it should not be the only thing that matters. There are numerous other critical facets to take into account for you to settle for the services of a certified public accountant. This vital piece enunciates on some of the ones that atter the most.

The first aspect that you should take into account is the scope of the project. You should know what the task at hand entails. When you know what it is about, making the next move on the type of professional to hire becomes easier. You will base your selections on the qualifications of the certified public accountants that you find. That is because you will align the set of skills that the candidates you will find have at the requirements to the project to see if it is a perfect match. Besides asking about the outstanding capabilities that the experts have that make them different from the rest of the contenders will enable you to determine if they are the right professionals to choose. Also, inquire about the former projects on which the certified public accountant was in charge to determine their similarities or differences from your work.

The experience of the specialist you will choose is elementary. To determine that aspect, you have to inquire about the certified public accountant’s work history. Ask if they have handled such projects on their past practices and for how long that has been taking place. If you find one whose practice in the general contracting industry dates to at least ten years down the line, then you will know that you are on the right track. The experiences attained, the skills and technical know-how acquired from the hundreds of other similar tasks will unquestionably benefit you in this case.

In addition, finding out if the potential service provider that you have under consideration has the necessary resources needed for the project is crucial. That starts from a team of experienced subcontractors that the company networks with to ensure the needs of clients are met. Besides, the communication skills of the expert you select need to be impeccable for you to know that the job will run smoothly to its completion. Their credentials and licenses as well as insurance documents should be provided for you to know that they are credible professionals.